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Street Fighter: MMO

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aersixb9    57
I think it would be neat to have a game that was a mix of a game like Street Fighter 4 and an MMO with character customization. It could be done like modern warfare 2, where you get points for winning multiplayer battles, and those points can either be spent on upgrades for your character, or to automatically unlock moves, costumes, armors, upgrades, etc, as you level up, probably with the unlocks being replacements or with neutral bonuses and penalties to ensure fairness, or with a level based matchmaking system to ensure that level 1s with few moves don't often fight level 50s with a bunch of moves and neat armor.

Another way to do this might be a webcam based street fighter game, where step one is making your custom character via mapping textures with your webcam onto one of several customizeable 3d character models, making a personal character based on external input. This custom character might not be limited to a webcam, an 'open' street fighter like platform with well integrated easy to use character and move makers that are balanced properly or in a variety of ways, maybe with spending points or server restrictions.

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adrix89    135
You mean Kwonho?
It was taken into the wing of Ijji for a time
Then it was taken down,don't know why because it was pretty popular and I think it could have work out if they given it some more time

On the technical note fighter games aren't that suited for internet play because of location lag and the fact that these games require to time everything right
Also I don't know how much the term can describe them as massive as there more like a lobby then a massive game world

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