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Another Beginner Question

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R1cochet    236
Hi i am sure you have been through these type of questions before but please bear with me on this. i have a few questions in mind

I am comfortable with programming in C and C++ but i have only done console applications. My interest lies in programming games hence i've decided to learn DirectX (i've heard that the learning curve is high). Is knowledge of windows programming essential before moving on and also if you could suggest some good books and resources for them.

I'm not good at photoshop or other graphics programs so do i need to learn that as well or i could use resources from the internet(some links would be helpful).

Any other suggestions from where to start or other methods of learning.

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karwosts    840
Is your interest in making games, or in programming graphics?

Graphics programming is a broad field that you could spend a lifetime mastering. If you're starting from scratch and just interested in making games, you could utilize a graphics engine to do all of the windows/directx dirty work for you.

Ogre and Irrlicht come to mind as some good graphics engines you might be interested in looking into.

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