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HyperSilence - an original retro adventure game

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HyperSilence    100
* Randomly generated 35 levels makes for maximum replay value; the levels change with every game
* HyperSilence has a classic look and feel with brand new gameplay
* HyperSilence uses graphics unique to any other
* Over 250 items to buy, sell, and discover
* Cast damaging, healing, and other magic spells
* Carry up to 20 inventory items
* Choose from 8 character colors
* 5 weapon skills to master
* Critical hits for added damage
* Dungeon trails show where you've already explored
* Malicious enemies and bosses who may or may not follow you
* Save and resume an unlimited number of characters
* A casino to play mini-games at
* Trigger, disarm, or avoid dungeon traps
* Turn based battles mean for relaxing gameplay
* User-friendly interface
* Customize your character with over 200 pieces of equipment
* Surprises on each new level
* Appropriate for all ages


Thank you!

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incin    205
I was able to try it, but the right and left arrow keys moved the player two spaces instead of one. Up and down worked as expected.

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