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DX Control Panel not working

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I have DX SDK November 2008 installed on my WinXP SP3 for some months ago.
First few days i could enable d3d debugging and work safely,
but for not long time ago this options became disabled (greyed out) so i
can't use d3d debugging.
Since i have lot of games installed on my system i guess that one of them
has something to do with the problem i have and somehow deleted/removed
debug runtimes. Do you know the way how can i fix this problem?
Posibly without reinstalling DX SDK?

this is how i setup my test projects to enable debugging in debug builds
(if you think it is relevant):

#ifdef _DEBUG
#define D3D_DEBUG_INFO // defined on top

#include <d3d9.h>
#include <d3dx9.h>
#pragma comment (lib, "d3d9.lib")
#ifdef _DEBUG
#pragma comment (lib, "d3dx9d.lib")
#pragma comment (lib, "d3dx9.lib")

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The only time I've seen this happen is when a game installs a later version of the DirectX runtime than you have SDK version. The last time I saw that was when I had the DX9.0b SDK installed but a game installed DX9.0c - you can't downgrade the DirectX version, so you can't change to the "older" debug runtime.

Long story short - I'm pretty sure the only way to fix this is to get the latest SDK - November 2008 is fairly old now.

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