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loading X file in window

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Hi all,

I am trying to load an X file(globe.X) into a window.

This is my coding ..

// set camera

bool loadglobe() {
hr=D3DXLoadMeshFromX("globe.X", D3DXMESH_SYSTEMMEM, d3ddev, &gadjacencybuffer, &gmtrlbuffer, NULL, &gnummaterials, &gpymesh);

if(FAILED(hr)) return false;

D3DXMATERIAL* gmatxmaterials=(D3DXMATERIAL*)gmtrlbuffer->GetBufferPointer();
gmatmaterials = new D3DMATERIAL9[gnummaterials];

for(DWORD i=0; i<nummaterials; i++) {
return true;

It gives the output a plain black screen.. The X file is loading since the variable hr works..


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Could be a lot of things.

First: where do you set the value for nummaterials? You should be using gnummaterials.

Is the camera pointed at the mesh? Is the mesh large enough to see at the camera position? Is your camera created correctly? Do you set the projection and viewport correctly? Do you draw the mesh? What renderstates do you set when you draw the mesh? If you create a mesh with D3DXCreateSphere/Cube/etc., does it appear correctly?

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