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collision detection

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// Object-to-object bounding-box collision detector:
short int Sprite_Collide(sprite_ptr object1, sprite_ptr object2) {

int left1, left2;
int right1, right2;
int top1, top2;
int bottom1, bottom2;

left1 = object1->x;
left2 = object2->x;
right1 = object1->x + object1->width;
right2 = object2->x + object2->width;
top1 = object1->y;
top2 = object2->y;
bottom1 = object1->y + object1->height;
bottom2 = object2->y + object2->height;

if (bottom1 < top2) return(0);
if (top1 > bottom2) return(0);

if (right1 < left2) return(0);
if (left1 > right2) return(0);



I found this code on this web site.I just dont understand what "sprite_ptr object1" is doing.

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Do you understand the concept of pointers?

object1 is just a pointer to a sprite class, which looks like it has the members x,y,width, and height.

It uses this pointer to get the dimensions of a sprite, and then it checks if it overlaps with another sprite.

What about this do you find particularly confusing?

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It's the equivalent of the dot operator for a pointer.


class Box {
int x;
int y;
void DoSomething();


Box b;
b.x = 5;
b.y = 10;
b.DoSomething(); //does something with b

Box* ptr_to_b = &b;

int temp;
temp = ptr_to_b->x; //temp = 5;
temp = ptr_to_b->y; //temp = 10;
ptr_to_b->DoSomething(); //also does something with b


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