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3D adventure game structure

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Hi, I'm working on a 3D adventure game, I have some code already written, but I'm planning on refactoring it in a little while. How should I have everything structured? Right now I have it like this:

A main game manager class contains all subsystems:
Scene graph, physics manager, input receiver, actor/entity system, event manager,
and sound system.
The physics manager encapsulates creation of rigid bodies, soft bodies, and collision shapes.
The scene graph and sound systems encapsulate sounds and scene nodes, and whatever other classes I make for them.
The input receiver sends the game event for the key event (key up is sent as player move forward). It uses the event manager to do this, which is just a simple event system.
And finally the actor manager, contains game actors/entities and updates them each frame. The actors/entities themselves encapsulate their own scene nodes, and sometimes character controller physics objects.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a better architecture? I would really appreciate any input.

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