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Blinking over an image

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I've used a blue coloured circle image for the completed levels and red coloured circle image for the locked levels(yet to be completed). I've used the blue coloured circle image for the current level also. But I want to discriminate the current level from the completed levels by making a blink around the image. How to make a blinking circle over a circular image? I'm using Irrlight Engine. But can anybody tell me how to do this in general?

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I haven't used IL as an engine but are we talking about regular primitives here? Not images, right?

I had a hard time understanding what you really wanted but can't you just make an outlined circle around the circle and color it (colorA). Then in the game loop just switch to (colorB) when a certain amount of time has elapsed?

ColorA = White
ColorB = Black

or whatever.

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It depends entirely on your game.

I'd personally keep it as an art object. That would free the code from data dependencies. But you may have different needs.

* Perhaps a simple overlay texture with an adjustable alpha channel.
* Perhaps use an artwork-provided shader that manages the color, intensity, and opacity.
* You might code it up directly, perhaps something DrawCircle().
* Maybe you may want to find all models within a certain radius and mark them with an attribute to render them differently.
* Possibly treat it as a UI element
* Maybe something else entirely.

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