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Phineas g

[web] too many questions?

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i don't know if you remember "Nano Fighter" handhold games
but i am thinking of creating something similar to it in a broswer game
something similar to what i am thinking is's game they have designed
the key differences would be that the AI would do all the fighting for both sides and leave the user only responsible for the training and preparation of the fighting. the user could then log in later to view the fight and see what happened. so i am thinking the actual fight would have to be ran from a server side engine and the result stored server side in a fashion to where when the users log in and view in their browser they both see the same result/fight but i would need the fight to be pretty random based on stats/skill, and some luck for who wins

i was wondering what type of scripting i should use?
what would be the simplest way to do this? its not over graphic, just a 2d fight

i was thinking about writing it all out as ideas on paper, like a simple visual layout plan, then maybe work out what i want the stats of the fighters to be (ie: speed, power, stamina, etc etc)then i guess start making a mysql database to hold these values for each user, then work on a front engine pages for the game, and working out how to go about training and everything.

its seems so simple in mind to do, but every time i start thinking of doing it i just don't know where to start lol. thanks for any ideas, opinions, advice offered :)

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