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NetGore - Online RPG engine

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Website: www.netgore.com

NetGore is a free, open-source, cross-platform online RPG engine written in C#. It focuses on 2D games and is targeted towards indy and small-time developers looking to build their own online RPG. Both top-down and side-scroller style games are supported.

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A large majority of the gameplay components are already implemented into the engine for you, such as stats, skills, quests, NPC chat, guilds, groups, etc. As of the current version (0.3.0), the focus is mostly on improving the stuff that already exists and making the editors easier to use.

There are already a few people developing games with NetGore, and we hope to see some more! :)

Google Code project page

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Version 0.3.3 released, and the size of the download has been shrunk significantly (to ~3.5 MB) to make it easier to quickly check out.

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Version 0.3.5 has been released.

Version change log

This release mostly contains bug fixes and design improvements, both in the database and in code.

- Many database tables now use auto_increment instead of the next free ID. Tables that do not insert/delete rows outside the editor, such as character and item templates, still use the next free ID.
- Added EventCounters class, which is like a very high-performance, light-weight version of WorldStats. See the feature description for more details.
- All object events now use EventHandler to adhere to the .NET standard practices better
- All events in NetGore are now invoked by using a .Raise() extension method that will, by default, log and swallow any exceptions thrown by the event listeners
- Added new mini-project to check the NetGore code to make sure events are all being invoked properly
- Content files can now be "recycled", which puts them in a special "recycled" asset folder instead of actually deleting them. Basically like a custom Recycling Bin for NetGore's content.
- The sound and music can now be edited and auto-updated via the editor
- Can now properly create and delete particle effects and emitters
- Can now define custom filters in StringRules
- When there is an issue with loading content, it won't spawn a message box every second

And as always, many more changes were made, and the complete listing can be found in the SVN logs.

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Version 0.3.6 has been released.

Change log:
- Added code documentation for a huge number of exceptions (making it easier to determine what exceptions a method may throw)
- Fixed InstallationValidator's detection for latest versions of MySQL
- Fixed user respawn position logic
- Fixed teleport logic
- Fixed a few incorrectly written queries
- Fixed memory leak when reloading lazy images, along with some other improvements to lazy-loaded assets
- Added ability to specify modifier keys for certain input events
- Updated used versions of Lidgren Networking Library, SFML, and NUnit
- Various improvements to the UI of the editor
- Added sanity checks for some server configuration values[/QUOTE]

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