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Sorting 2D array

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Treat each row of the 2D array as a separate object.

In C++, the easiest way to do this is to use boost::array as a replacement for built-in arrays. Each boost::array represents a 1-D array, but you can nest them.


// Of course you will have to download Boost and set it up, and #include
// the appropriate headers.

// Let us use typedefs to make it more clear what is going on.
typedef boost::array<int, COLUMNS> row;
typedef boost::array<row, ROWS> array;

// We define the "characteristic":
int characteristic(const row& r) {
// We can index into a boost::array the same way as a normal array.
// So, it should not be hard for you to write this. :)

// We need a comparison function to supply to the standard library sort:
bool compare_by_characteristic(const row& a, const row& b) {
return characteristic(a) < characteristic(b);

// And use the standard library to sort:
row* begin = &array[0];
std::sort(begin, begin + ROWS, compare_by_characteristic);

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