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Starting 3D with XNA

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Hi, I'd like to start working with 3D in XNA. I found a site by Riemers Grootjans that has 4 pretty detailed tutorials ( that I have skimmed through real quick to check content.

Is this THE best resource for learning 3D in XNA, or is there a place that breaks things down or presents the material a little better, or perhaps actually creates a real basic game out of it?

There may be a more well known website or perhaps a book on 3D in XNA that is considered better so if there is, share your thoughts :]



Posting this here for future reference.
The basic Microsoft tutorial on MSDN actually looks surprisingly great as a "just getting started reference"

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I am fairly new to XNA as well and, while I found the Reimer's tutorials very helpful as far as getting started, you'll find yourself saying, "I wish they talked about topic "A"" as you try building out your first game. OTOH I couldn't locate a whole lot of comprehensive XNA tutorial sites regardless, so Reimer's may be your best bet. Of course, you can post here or on the XNA forums!

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