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returning a byte() array from Visual Basic 6 to .NET from an ActiveX DLL Method

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owl    376

I'm having problems with this, I need to cast an array of bytes from a VB6 ActiveX DLL reference method in a C# winform project.

the vb6 DLL would contain a method like

public function getArray() as byte()
dim arr
redim arr(0 to 100)
getArray = arr
end fuction

and then in .NET

myVBClass C = new myVBClass();

byte[] arr = (byte[])myVBClass.getArray();

But of course this isn't working.

How can I achieve this? Is it even possible? Should be done with strings?

Thanks in advance!

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owl    376
I found a way:

Object[] myObj = myComClass.getArray();

for (int i=0; i < myObj.Lenght; i++)
Byte MyByte = Convert.ToByte(myObj[i]);

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