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how to make game modable

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I second the use of scripting languages. For my current project, I'm using C++ for the engine and Lua for all the level sequences and AI code. It's funny, being a sole indie game developer on this project has forced me to deal with art and level design and NOT just programming. What I've found is that when I'm wearing my artists cap or level designer cap I'm able to build complete, scripted levels as well as create and import the art from start to finish without ever touching the C++ source.

So yes, as for modability, with scripting support your users would never have to see the C++ (or java or whatever) underlying code as you could control all game details in external scripts.

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Original post by ryan20fun
Any idea on how to create new entitys with a scripting lanuage?
And how would I do this for my scripting language?

From my limited experience and knowledge, you would need to create an interface between your script language and your code. If you have a script function called CreateEntity or something like that, the definition of that script will call a function written in code that will instantiate that entity for you.

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