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deleting primitive

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You can either capture them using classes or variables. For example :

struct Point2D{
float _x,_y;
Point(float x = 0.0f, float y = 0.0f) : _x(x), _y(y) {}
bool operator == (const Point2D& p1, const Point2D& p2){
return p1.x == p2.x && p2.y == p1.y;

std::vector<Point2D> points;
points.push_back( Point2D(20,20));
points.push_back( Point2D(50,50));

void drawPoint(const Point2D& p){
glVertex3f(p.x, p.y,0.0f);

void draw(){

//somewhere in your program
points.remove( std::find(points.begin(), points.end(), Point2D(20,20) );

It just gives you and idea.

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