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D3D10 How To BLUR Mip levels of render target

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Hello all developers:

In my test application I attached an off-screen render target view to shader stage. I succeeded generating mips of the render target view.
USING pDevicer->GenerateMips(&offScreenRTV);

In my application I want to blur the render target shader view then sample it using (FX)"SampleLevel". But when I tried sampling with this filter : "MIN_MAG_MIP_LINEAR" , I get stair case (squares)( sorry for my English) I tried to use all filters but seemed to be useless.

When I try loading another shader resource view from a file then sample it with mip levels, I get what I want with but, I cant do the same with render target.

If I can blur (or other thinks such as bloom, noise vs) I think I could get many of the features of post progress.

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