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XNA Game Deployment

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I'm using XNA 3.0 C# VS 2008.

I want to run my XNA game on a system not having XNA, DotNet, and Internet connection.
How to create a setup of my project so that it automatically installs the required XNA and DotNet files without downloading from the internet?

Someone told me to use 'Publish' option.
But it requires internet.

Please suggest me a solution.
Thank you!

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1. Create an installer for your project. A self-extracting .zip archive would suffice, but there are tools out there (NSIS, WiX) that allow you to add an uninstall option, start menu entries and target directory selection.

2. Once you have that installer, add the .NET and XNA redistributables to the installer using a bootstrapper like dotNetInstaller. Some installers allow you to integrate redistributable packages directly into the installer, in which case you might not even need a bootstrapper.

You'll get a single executable that installs .NET, XNA and your game/app/whatever on the target system.

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Is it necessary to create a self-extractor of my project?
Can't I include VS Setup project?

I've two projects (related, one is server other is client) which I want to merge into a single setup.

Whats the difference between dotNetInstaller and VS Setup project?

Please! Answer all!

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