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Quick C compilers question

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JonathanCCC    163

sorry to make a new thread just for this, but i'm currently using Pelles C to write/compile my C programs, but I want to install allegro and according to the site pelles c isn't listed as supported. for windows it recommends either MSVC or MinGW.

I like lighter weight compilers that are simple. right now i'm leaning toward
trying MinGW, my question is, does anyone know if the new Visual C++ 2010 express can compile C without issue first of all, and secondly will allegro work ok with it?


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KulSeran    3267
If you are using windows, I'd highly suggest installing MS Visual Studio 2010 Express. Its going to be the most straight forward and powerful IDE to use.

If you really want to deal with MinGW, try installing Code::Blocks as your IDE as it comes with a MinGW install as well. Code::Blocks is also a decent IDE, but I still prefer Visual Studio.

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