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Windows Networking help plz

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I'm just starting Windows network programming, and need a little help getting started off on a little program I'm making.

Pretty much it runs in the background, obtains a handle to the currently connected network, and checks every second to see how much data has been sent and received in the past second. If the adapter is sending data, but not receiving, the program should disconnect from the network, and reconnect right away.

It's design is based off of what I'm doing to fix a weird issue with my router, so I'm guessing it will work.

This will be the first time I'm working with networks in programming, so could someone help me with the following?

1. Getting a handle on the network
2. Obtaining the Datagrams Received/sec and Datagrams Sent/sec values (I'm not sure where these are at all, but I'm using them in the Windows Performance Monitor right now)
3. Connecting/Disconnecting to the handled network
4. Anything else I need to know to do this


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