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Animation Sampling

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i m new to game development trying to put together a working demo to put in my resume. please help me.

Currently, i m in process of making a custom format exporter from 3d max using maxscript(i know other options max SDK/ X-porters/ IGame interfaces But).

i have been so far successful in implementing various phases of exporter like mesh-data, rigging, bones, skin, lights, camera, materials,etc.

i could not figure out just how to sample given range of animation frames and how to use "animation sampling rate(ASR)" in the process.

for e.g. if i have an animation in 3d max of a rigged character from frame 0 to 80, now how to sample this animation for ASR=30 (if frame rate 30fps & if for 3d max 1sec -> 4800ticks something i found somwhere in X file Documentation). i want to reduce no. of keys and don't want to simply export only keyframes in order to get more smooth animation then that which results from only keyframes.

so basically, i know how to interpolate. i have query related to how to reduce no. of key while exporting from 3d max.

suppose there is walk animation from frame 0 to frame 80 then there are will be 80 keys to export.

i want to reduce the no. of key exported based on a user defined animation sampling rate while the animation is being exported from 3d max.

this is raw data preparation prior any game engine comes to picture.

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