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Breaking Mind.

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game type: First person shooter/Puzzle
character: middle aged man
occupation: contractor for a consortium of pharmaceutical companies
work involves: using force to achieve desired results. Mainly works in countries with populations who are resistant to the goals of his employer.

Game concept: An emphasis is placed on research and exploration in the real world with major action taking place in the shattered world.

Real World: Everthing behaves as it should, nothing strange happens. People act normal and as they should. First person aspects in this world are very real.

Shattered World: behaviour is unpridictable and climatic with the inevitable end of a broken mind/insanity.

Concept walkthrough: Your walking through a hall to obtain access to a office space which you're not authorized to access. The building is filled with employees going about their buisness; however, security has been alerted to be on the lookout for someone who is out of place (The responsibility was on you to obtain the proper attire to blend in). At the sight of a security guard your heart begins to beat faster, this triggers your paranoia meter. But soon it passes. You enter the restricted office and obtain the files you were there to retrieve. Unbeknowst to you accessing the computer database triggered a silent alarm, once you leave the office security is waiting for you. You decide running is your best option once you see the overwhelming number of security guards after you. You heart starts to pound and slowly reality becomes distorted. Some Employees start to laugh at you, some of them start to hiss at you like snakes and so on. Audible voices become clearer and encourage you to run, hide, fight, and so on. To retain your sense of sanity you fight back shooting at your hallucinations. (However, shooting at your hallucinations has real consequences in the real world) In the shattered world, you have a health meter and a paranoia meter. Enimies in the shattered world attempt to make you paranoid.
You shoot the manifestation of the security guard (a vibrating distrotion of his physical apperance), this manifestation intesifies and begins to deal health damage and paranoia damage (because the security guard is defending himself in the real world) He begs you to stop and relent one second and then lashes out on you the next. If you fail to over come the situation your paranoia intesifies and major reality manifestations begin to take place. Walls begin to melt, rooms catch on fire, child hood friends play hopscotch in the distance. If you don't stop this process and find a way to overcome your dilusion you reach the breaking point and lose your mind. At this point you lose the game.

Story: intermixed are metaphorical-demons of your past and the current conspriacy that involves you. As the game progresses you're forced to face your past by stepping deeper into the shattered world coming closer (as a player) to strattling the line of insanity. As you deal with your past you discover clues to the conspiracy you're involved in. What you find as the game progresses is hard to accept and as the player your involved in the acceptance of the stories climax. Your choices will lead you either to defeat (death/broken mind) or success (life/a dream).

What do you guys think? any ideas to help this idea along?

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