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OpenGL [solved] Annoying problem with a simple cube bumpmapping

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I'm new to GLSL and for my first shader, i decided to try bumpmapping. I followed several examples and tried a whole bunch of stuff, I even wrote my own shader from scratch the way i thought was right. I have about 4-5 versions of the same shader with different complexities and all of them have the same annoying problem. Only one of the cube surfaces maps correctly! I thought i mapped my tangents wrong in opengl or something, but i drew them all on the cube and they seem fine. I'm losing my mind, please can somebody help? :(

The latest shader i tried was this one:

I wanted to keep things simple, and all i changed was the texture names and it gives me the same problem! Here's the screenshots:

the red line on the surface is the tangent, and green the normal

I found a pattern in the behavior but i can't make sense of it. The planes with normals 0 0 1 and 0 0 -1 are mapped inversed, so one looks fine and the other has holes where the bumps should be. The other planes, i don't know what the hell is going on there. In this example the side ones aren't even mapped and the top and bottom are, but don't seem quite right. This leads me to the conclusion that something is wrong with the transformation to tangent space, but i can't find the problem! I tried every single combination i could think of and none of them worked

I have no previous experience in debugging shaders, and this is killing me. :(

Can someone please give me some advice? Thanks!

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Never mind! I found the problem!

The problem was that when passing the Tangent vector to the shader, I accidentally searched for a uniform variable called tangent when in fact, tangent is an attribute!

I can sleep peacefully now :)

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