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Arcanium - GPL RTS in Beta

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Hey everybody,

it's my pleasure to present you Arcanium, an open source multiplayer online RTS game. It started out as a project for University in April this year. After 13 weeks of development with six students the project ended with a playable result. Since then I continued working on it occasionally. It is now in Beta stage. There are very few known bugs and the feature set is alright. It is written in Java and licensed under the GNU GPL. So go ahead and get it ;) .

Here are some screenshots:
Fighting Early base
Click to enlarge.
They just show the first buildings and units in the tech-tree, because I got rushed by the AI and was too busy to take further screenshots. Anyway you will see the rest, when you play it yourself. There's raptors and dragons :D .

If you are interested in getting involved let me know. You do not need to be a very experienced programmer. There are to dos like balancing, adding new units, buildings and effects, adding sound, etc. Basically you can improve or add whatever you want.

Any feedback is appreciated.
With friendly regards,

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