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pseudocode and breakout

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Draw bricks on the screen.
Draw ball on the screen.
Move ball on the screen.
Bounce the ball on the edges of the screen.
Check to see if the ball hits the bricks.
If the ball hits the brick then turn off the brick.
If the ball hits the brick then bounce the ball off the brick.
Then register a score.

Here is some pseudocode for a breakout game, and its ball and brick interaction. I am just wondering if this pseudocode is lacking anything.A second pair of eyes is always helpful.LOL

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Where are your graphics coming from? Why no game loop? The ball never goes out of bounds?

Kind of a hard thing to post a response too, since there can be countless things missing. Like power-ups, obstacles, some bricks are indestructable. You're better off just programming this sort of game than focusing really hard on engineering a solution on paper. Then, when things go awry look at other peoples code and tutorials for solutions. If that fails and you still really really can't figure it out, then ask on the forum in a specific question pertaining to the functionality of your code.

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