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Resources and ore deposits

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Turn strategy about industrial revolution.

I want to make an interesting resource system. Maybe not anything thrilling but something that would make these feel different and force player to make some decisions. What I want to avoid (at least a bit) is mindless cycle "I lack iron, I build next iron mine". I though about something like this (please comment and fill gaps):

Resources (only industrial resources, ommited all traditional stuff like wood, clay, etc):
* coal (fuel, used by anything and everything)
* mined metals: iron, copper, tin
* alloys: steel (iron), brass (copper+tin)

Coal is the easiest one. It is used by steam engines (upkeep) and for alloys production. Player would have unlimited deposits of coal, the only limiter is the cost of a mine.

Iron (and steel) would be a base of the industialization (machines, rails). The iron deposits would be common.

Rare metals and alloys (copper, tin, brass) would be used as part of machines cost and for art, luxury items, science equipment, better versions of things. These deposits would be no problem at the beginning when the mining capacity is low but later these would be more scarce. Deposits much lower than iron.

- Some products can use alternatives (like cannons can be made of copper or steel, the same quality, just different resources and different costs).
- Scientific equipment (one variable, level of equipment) use copper and tin in progressive quantities.
- Various machines use steel and a bit of copper.
- Ships can use brass as parts of the hull (upgrade? option?) which leads to better ships.
- Railroad system would be a serious steel consumer.
- Tin would be used for canned food.
- Erecting pieces of art (a big sculpture of you, the great leader :D) require copper or brass.
- Plumbing/severs system discovered later would use copper.

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