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OpenGL Ray-Triangle Intersection

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I'm trying to do ray-triangle intersection test like it is done at the lighthouse3d.org site here: http://www.lighthouse3d.com/opengl/maths/index.php?raytriint

I think everything is working, except that I'm getting a t value that is the opposite of what I expect. For example when I test a triangle with vertices v0 [-1, -1, -10], v1 [1, -1, -10], v2 [0, 1, -10], and point (p) [0,0,0], and direction vector (d) [0, 0, -1], I'm getting a value of -10 instead of +10 for t.

So when I solve using t to get the intersection point the z-value is always flipped, I wasn't sure if this was something to do with the coordinate system in opengl or if I have an error in my code somewhere?? I went over my code pretty thoroughly to make sure I was doing the macro operations like vector, crossproduct, innerProduct etc the same as they do it on the site and I can't figure out what else could be wrong!

This is C# code, I guess I was just hoping to get an explanation why my t is wrong sign before I just add a negative sign to my calculations!

public static bool RayTriangleIntersectionTest(Vector3d p, Vector3d d, Vector3d v0, Vector3d v1, Vector3d v2)
Vector3d e1 = VectorFromPoints(v0, v1);
Vector3d e2 = VectorFromPoints(v0, v2);

Vector3d h = CrossProduct(d, e2);
double a = DotProduct(e1, h);

if (a > -0.00001 && a < 0.00001)
return false;

double f = 1.0 / a;

Vector3d s = VectorFromPoints(v0, p);
double u = f * DotProduct(s, h);

if (u < 0.0 || u > 1.0)
return (false);

Vector3d q = CrossProduct(s, e1);
double v = f * DotProduct(p, q);

if (v < 0.0 || u + v > 1.0)
return (false);

// at this stage we can compute t to find out where the intersection point is on the line
double t = f * DotProduct(e2, q);

if (t > 0.00001) // ray intersection
return (true);
else // line intersection but not a ray intersection
return (false);

public static Vector3d CrossProduct(Vector3d v0, Vector3d v1)
Vector3d Vout = new Vector3d();

Vout.x = v1.y * v0.z - v0.y * v1.z;
Vout.y = v1.x * v0.z - v0.x * v1.z;
Vout.z = v1.x * v0.y - v0.x * v1.y;

return Vout;

public static double DotProduct(Vector3d v0, Vector3d v1)
return v0.x * v1.x + v0.y * v1.y + v0.z * v1.z;

public static Vector3d VectorFromPoints(Vector3d v0, Vector3d v1)
return new Vector3d(v1.x - v0.x, v1.y - v0.y, v1.z - v0.z);


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