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SlimDX and C# completely stuck

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Hi there,

I've been bashing my head against SlimDX for some time, but I'm completely stuck. I worked of the tutorials on the SlimDX site itself and searched for quite the hours. What I want to do is pretty simple (using C#):

-Have a form with a menu, where i can choose to load a SOF model file.
-When I have selected the model file, the form displays the model from a certain angle.
- Eventually, take a snapshot from the projection of the model.

The problem I seem to get is that if I use the pump, configuration and draw methods in the constructor, I can get the default model on the screen (the triangle from the tutorial), but my menu and my option to load wil be gone.

If I however try to put the draw and configuration methods in another method, which I call after loading the SOF file, I will only get the cleared background (soothing blue as they say in the tutorial), and it will not redraw when resizing (since the draw methods are not in the pump but in another method only called during load).

I'm completely lost on how I should approach this, and any advice would be extremely welcome. Thanks!

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The problem is you want to support interaction between D3D and GDI / Win32, which is complex. The best way to handle this in a Windows Forms application is to set up the canonical ApplicationIdle/PeekMessage loop in your form (or elsewhere if you have multiple forms) and in every tick of the 'still idle' loop, draw a frame. Make sure you set up your device with a handle that does not overlap with the area that the menu bar (or other GDI controls) would be drawn or you can have airspace issues.

[Edited by - jpetrie on October 21, 2010 11:07:46 AM]

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