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Soul Reaver

Rendering BSP map patches

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I'm still struggling with rendering Quake 3 BSP maps. Currently I am trying to get the patches rendered correctly. After some troubles with the vertex and index calculation I realized that it isn't enough to just render each patch for it self. In another thread I read that I somehow have to link the patches so that they appear continuous.
But that struck me: How can I know what patches are supposed to be a union?

Currently I am rendering each patch for itself and this is what it looks like:

Just the vertices
The complete patches

The vertices are correctly computed as you can see on the first screen. On the second screen you can see the holes which appear when I render the triangles.

So my question is how I can avoid this?

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this helped me getting the patches calculated and rendered correctly... almost:

Screenshot 2

As you can see some triangles appear dark as the distance increases. When I disable texture filtering this doesn't happen but the quality of the textures is unbearable. Also in some cases the textures seem to be off a little bit while it fits perfectly in other cases.

Help would be appreciated.

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Judging from your images it looks like there's probably more going on than this, but make sure you're 'stitching' the subpatches together at the edges (that is, don't rely on any particular subdivision scheme to result in subpatch edges matching up exactly).

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