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Manual parse animated x

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Hi everyone,

I wrote an text-format x file parser. It works with static meshes, but i need animated meshes too.
- I read the skin weights (to std::vector<Skin>, where skin is a custom struct, which contains the name, vertex index vector and vertex weight vector)
- i read the hiearchy (to std::vector<Bone>, where Bone is a custom struct, which contains the name, the bindpose matrix and the parent's id)
- i haven't read the animations yet, because i have a problem

I have an VertexPositionNormalTextureBinormalBone structure (nice name :]), but in the x file the positions, normals, etc. are separated, so i "collect" these datas to a VPNTBB vector

After that
for each skin (std::vector<Skin>)
- i get the bone index (name)
- for each current skin vertices
-- set the current vertex's bone index and weight (Vector4)

I save it to a binary, and in game, i read it. That works, but i have a big problem:
i use vertex skinning with hlsl

float4x4 bones[59];
skinTransform += bones[0] * BoneWeights.y;
skinTransform += bones[1] * BoneWeights.y;
skinTransform += bones[2] * BoneWeights.z;
skinTransform += bones[3] * BoneWeights.w;

This works (all bone are identity matrix), but if i write the bones[0] to bones[BoneIndices.x], my computer restarts!!

I checked that all vertex's bone index is <= 4 (i have a "null parent", so the first bone's index is the 1)

Here is a code, but i think it is maybe complicated, but i hope anyone can help me.

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