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Starting with Epic RTS

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Hi everyone i want to make RTS game {i have planes for multi-player but i will be happy with sp for now} i am not asking about models, textures, sounds, game mechanics,team ...etc just want help choosing right engine/game development tools or start learning. I don't know which engine advantages so any advice is welcome. I don't know which properties are needed for beter choose so i will describe what i want to do and answer on questions.

Main characters of game i want to include:
1.3D REAL-TIME ww2-modern-future base build,research,resources harvesting
2.Big maps, terrain destruction/transform.
3.air-sea-sub-land---space units, units/buildings fragment into numerous parts, big scale battles
4.working physic>destructions,projectiles
5.possible switching between planets/maps (like in empire at war solar systems)
Based on Supreme commander/C&C:Zero hour/TA Spring, tas mod NOTA, homeworld 2,nexus the jupiter incident, soldiers heroes of world war 2...

NOTA MOD < best RTS ever

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