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A little story for a game about the political corruption.

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I watched the news in my little country Colombia.
A mayor has been denounce because he gave contracts to his friends, a typical corruption case, nothing new.

First, I have to say that I want to design games, that's something I would love to make in the future. But I want to make games that no only entertain the people but makes them think about their lives, their society.

That's why I have wrote a little story about Gustavo Petro, a colombian politician that denounce Samuel Moreno (the Mayor).
Gustavo Petro and a Colombian businessman called Miguel Nulle, wants to stop the corrupt Mayor and goes out to the streets and fight agains the political friends of Samuel Moreno, like Ivan Moreno (his brother, a senator), Liliana Pardo (a civilian minister officer).

Here it's if someone wants to read it...
Super Petro Brothers

That name, I like it because it's very funny and gives curiosity in the people.

I have to say that that document it's the first draft, it's not finished yet.
If you want to see a finished document (mine) check this out:
Melody document

Sorry for my poor english, It's not my first languaje.

EDIT Think of this game more as a political cartoon of those that appear in the newspapers.

If you want to just talk, my email is filosofiamanga(at)hotmail.com

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Original post by klefebz
Are you including the FARC?

No, just some Colombian politician.
The Farc however aren't needed because the scandal doesn't have to be with them.

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