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Lisp: draw a triangle in 3D

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I've got a simple prototype program in common lisp that generates meshes based on various input parameters. I'd like to interactively plot the mesh while I change the parameters with slider bars. However, my experience with lisp so far is pretty academic - I've never gotten graphical libraries to actually work in it.

What I need:
1) graphical slider bars that update values or call functions as they are dragged
2) ability to plot triangles in 3D
3) ability to control where the camera is located in space and what direction it's looking in

a) using SBCL Common Lisp
b) works with windows or linux (I don't have a mac)

Not important:
i) it doesn't have to be super fast

What are some good libraries for doing simple graphical stuff like this in lisp?

Thanks for any help!

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You should check cl-opengl repo here:

there are useful examples, and some tutorials here:

With SBCL - if you stay away from threads (not yet production ready on Windows) if you want both Linux/Windows.

Also - for handling objects and input, both and are worth checking (at least for inspiration).
I have seen a until-it-dies 3d - with OpenGL backend on github somewhere, but couldn't find it now.

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