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[java] Setting different behaviors in Java 3D

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morello    100
I am using Java 3D to display a 3D scene. I want to use the mouse to perform various actions such as rotating or translating the view, dropping new objects into the scene etc.

This will operate by a set of buttons on a toolbar which modify the current mouse mode.

Essentially this means I might need to swap out Behaviors on a live scene. How is this typically done?

I can't attach a behaviour as a child to a live BG. Should I detach the main BG, add the behavior, then reattach it? Will the scene flicker when this happens?

Is it possible to just not use behaviors at all, and simply update the scene directly?

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Glass_Knife    8636
Java3D is no longer supported. java3d
You would have an easier time teaching yourself using an OpenGL extension, because there are tons of examples and it is simple to translate examples in C/C++ to Java because the OpenGL calls are very similar.

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