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Fedora C++ X Build: Info and Opinions...

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Using Fedora 12 GCC 4.4.4 Code::Blocks 10.05.

Decided to try to cross-compile applications for Linux and MS Vista within the Fedora environment using MinGW. After rebuilding the boost 1.44 libraries with bjam everything has worked well. I've been testing the results on a separate Vista system this afternoon.

I'm shocked at just how slow execution is on the Vista machine, however. By a factor of at least 5 (yes five!) slower than the Fedora machine. Cannot understand why this should be.

The tests involve intensive random number generation, streaming and other computations. I've tried to find out why this is happening, been looking on the internet for solutions (if any) but nothing so far.

Thought I would throw this out to the pros and see if there are any improvements to be had...

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