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XNA,how to convert 3d world coordinate into screen coordinate

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Could someone know how to convert 3D world coordinate into screen coordinate?

First method:
1.create vertex buffer and set vertex coordinate with a 3D point of certain poistion
2.set basic effect with world matrix,view matrix,projection matrix individullay
3.draw the 3D point

Second method:
1.create vertex buffer
2.transform the 3D point of certain position with world matrix*vie matrix*projection matrix
3.set vertex coordinate of vertex buffer with transformed 3D Vector3(step2)
4.set basic effect's world matrix, view matrix and projection matrix with Matrix.Identity
4.draw the 3D point

I know the first method is correct. But the result the second method is incorrected. Because the transformed Vector3 is outside of camera, event it should in the camera view.

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There was a similar question answered in this thread:

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