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nvidia nsight and virtual pc

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As the title has just come out nvidia nsight that allows you to make debug of shader HLSL (DirectX)

to use the HLSL shader debug currently are needed two machines each with a nvidia card to perform remote debugging in Visual Studio 2008 or 2010.
A car makes debugging and one machine and the other displays the result on the screen.

Now I wondered, having a nvidia engtx295 which has two gpu if possible not having the second computer, use a virtual machine.

Step 1:
you can run a remote DEbUG between the os and a virtual machine?
point2 if is possible the above:
how do I use a GPU on the machine and the other on virtual machine?

I saw 64 and a quad core 3.00 GHz.
what virtual machine you recommend to me?
free or not.


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