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Animating 2 Handed Weapons/Props in 3ds Max

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tanaris44    100
So, I've got my model rigged, and plan to use mostly Max-included motion capped animations (.bip), as well as some stuff imported from Mixamo for game animations. The problem I am running into is in trying to animate my character model holding props that are bound to BOTH hands (rifles etc.).

With the right hand, I can get away with linking a dummy-attached weapon to the dummy-attached biped hand. However with the left hand, I can not do this, so I am trying to IK link the left hand to the rifle. While this seems to work, as soon as I import an animation, my IK link breaks, and only the linke between the rifle and right hand remain.

I feel like I must be missing something (importing animations by limb only?) but I figured someone on these boards could help, or direct me to a more 3ds max focused one.


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AnsonMadd    100
there is a lot of info here which may be helpful, as well as many related links. I'm sorry I don't have the knowledge to answer you directly, but I remembered the vid when reading your post, so, wth?

good luck


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