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Cloning objects on the fly?

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Hello everyone. Well, once again I have encountered a problem. I am creating a small subhunt clone, and I am having trouble with firing multiple depth charges, namely that I don''t know to make them work. So far, the part of the main game loop that relates to this ship looks something like this: if(Spacebar is down) // fire the torpedo { // set position of the depth charge to that of the ship Set_Position (ship_pos_x and ship_pos_y); // set the downward velocity velocity = 4; } if (Space was pressed) { Draw_Depth_Charge (); } With the code like this, I can only fire one depth charge. How could I make it so that if space has been pressed more than once, It will draw another depth charge? I know the answer is probably rather simple, but I am rather high on jellybeans, and my brain is not functioning correctly. Thanks, your "wannabe" friend.

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You might do something like this:

struct weapon { float x, y, z;
BOOL active; // note set all active to FALSE

} depth_charge [ 25 ];

int dch_count = 0;// a global

if ( Space Bar is Down )
Set_Position( ship_position_x ,ship_position_y );
// of depth_charge [ dch_count ].x,

// depth_charge [ dch_count ].y

velocity = 4;
depth_charge [ dch_cnt ].active = TRUE;
if ( dch_count++ > 24 )
dch_count = 24;
}// end if

If ( Space was pressed )
// loop through the active depth charges drawing the

// active ones

for ( int count = 0 ; count < 25 ; count++ )
if ( depth_charge [ count ].active == TRUE )
Draw_Depth_Charge( depth_charge [ count ].x,
depth_charge [ count ].y );

}// end for count

}// end for Space

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I sent you an E-MAIL, not sure if you got it.

It went:

Sorry to hear it did''nt work for you.
I can''t do much without seeing the code.
I assume you where adjusting the view matrix for
each missle drawn. But I don''t know how your code
was laid out ? I used similar code for multiple pixel
explosion algorithms.

Can you E-MAIL it me ?


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