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android development

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I recently came past a interesting item for android development.

Software Development Platform
By the way this page may load slow.

Touch Pad

Touch Pad Controller

Or soon to come Touch Pad for the Pandaboard by the Same Company

As I am moving over to Android Development. Does anyone have any experience with this? I plan to obtain the platform with touchpad\controller and I wounder if this is a common Android Development Platform. Sounds like a great tool, anyone have any info about this, also what languages are support for android development with the standard development package? And mainly i am woundering if the Android a big jump from the pc, does it bring along along of extra difficulty?

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I'm not familiar with it; in general whenever I've done mobile/handheld development in the past, the standard operating procedure is to develop on an emulator as far as you can, and then do final testing/polishing on the actual devices you intend to target for sales. In my case, I built a Linux machine to do all the Android coding on, and then did final test runs for my apps on my actual Droid phone.

There are differences between mobile and desktop development, to be sure, but most of them are discipline and mindset issues. You can't think of resources in the same way, you can't be nearly as cavalier about memory or CPU time, you have to consider battery life, there's a lot of stuff like screen size to worry about... so it's a new set of challenges. There's some technology stuff to learn as well, such as the toolchains for development and the actual APIs/OSes/etc. involved. I guess bottom line is: expect a hefty learning curve.

Oh, just noticed one other question you asked - the standard Android SDK uses Java based on the Dalvik VM. However, Google also provides the Android Native SDK which lets you code in pretty much any language provided that you have compiler support for the device CPUs you are targeting.

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