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[XNA] 3D Lighting and Animation

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Hi, hopefully a quicky.

1/ I have a game idea in my head, however it requires a kind of Torch(or 'flash light' for the Americans) effect.

E.g The Player gun has a Torch attacked and as he moves the gun around it lights up the parts of the map.

Is this as simple as crating a Cone infront of the gun and adding Point light to the cone?

(not sure of the term I should google otherwise)

2/ I wanted some Animation in my game, however:
-I am not sure how to animate models (in blender or other open source software)

I have googled for animation in blender, but all tutorials seem to be for old version of blender and I cannot get them to work in the blender you download from the site now :/ anyone know a good one?

- How to animate these in my game
- I tried to read the XNA samples however i cannot see how they do these, maybe seeing how they Animate & save in modler programs will help?

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