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aplication framework and observer

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I am making as the first part of my little 3d engine an application framework.
I have to implement:
1) managing keyboard and mouse
2) Resource Management
3) Management window and directx.

1Q) would you suggest to implement something else in 'application framework?

2Q) For the portion of the keyboard and mouse then I would create a very simple message system, with the Observers who engage application framework that send (with an update)an object of specialized class mouse or keyboard, so you can hook events like mouse pressure and movement at every object in my program, which will operate as he wishes(eg. a controller of a character avatar or the camera).
You recommend using this system?
or not?


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Honestly, when designing an engine you can choose to add any number of areas, so your question really depends on your goals. It seems you've selected an engine that provides management of input, resources, and rendering, which sounds fine to me. You may also opt to add physics, audio, or networking support.

I'm having a little trouble understanding what you're asking for your second question but it sounds like a description of an event-based input system, which is fine.

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