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Problem in reading Joystick in DirectX9.0

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I am using DirectInputDeviceMtthod to read joystick in coding,but program is not able to read joystick.
1. showing failure of two function:
if (FAILED(hr = joystick->GetDeviceState(sizeof(DIJOYSTATE2), js))) {
return hr; // The device should have been acquired during the Poll()
2. if( FAILED( UpdateInputState( hDlg ) ) )
KillTimer( hDlg, 0 );
MessageBox( NULL, TEXT( "Error Reading Input State. " ) TEXT( "The sample will now exit." ), TEXT( "DirectInput Sample" ),
EndDialog( hDlg, TRUE );

This joystick code is in a program which i am using as a server.I am commun icating this server program to a client programt hrough loopback address( on a single computer.then error is there as mentioned above.i am trying to reading joystick at server side and sending to client.

if i am running both server and client program on two different computer then joystick is working.
what may be the reason.
I tried by setting joystick properties in this function
if (FAILED(hr = joystick->SetCooperativeLevel(NULL, DISCL_EXCLUSIVE |
return hr;


but no success!
Thnx in Advance!

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