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svn server help

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I have never installed SVN before and am trying to use it, but the instructions I've found aren't answering some basic questions.

I have successfully configured Subversive inside Eclipse, and my *understanding* is that I can now use the Subversive plugin to browser and manipulate SVN repositories that are either local on my machine, or living remotely on a server.

I have a web server with a reputable hosting company, and would like to install svn server on it; this is where I want my repository to live. I figured I could download the server's binary(ies) and then ftp them into the web root where I want them to reside. Then all I should need to do is configure Subversive to point to that URL, credentials and repository, and I should be in business.

The only thing I'm leary about is whether or not I can install svn server without contacting their tech support first, but that's a separate issue altogether.

The first thing I need to do is *find* the svn server binary. Going to tigris' website, it looks like the project has been adopted/bought by Apache. Since I have both a Windows dev machine and web server, I am limited to a set of 4 or 5 available svn server wrappers (CollabNET, VisualSVN Server, etc.). But I don't think these are what I want: they all seem like client-side GUI apps for controlling your remote svn server, just like Subversive already does.

How can I find and install the svn server binaries to my web server (assume this doesn't cause a problem with tech support)?


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You understood well, the only place where you are wrong is the fact that the "svn server wrappers" contain a GUI client to MANAGE the server configuration, and it's something else than the svn client gui like subversive/tortoise to USE the svn server.

I actually installed VisualSVN Server on my personal computer, and the installation process installed the apache SVN server binaries along with it's gui, and it was quite simple to create a repository.

Usually, web hosting company won't allow to install new servers protocol (like sql, php, etc) when they weren't in the first contract, but you can try. Don't forget to ask them to open the SVN server port in their firewall too.

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