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starting online freelance business

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As part of achieving my dream, I plan to start an online freelance business. my target to fully have this online would be January next year. I notice a lot of post on the help wanted forum, and business plan is simple "3rd world product at a 3rd world price", with the product being 3d models, GUIs, Game Maker framework, Unity asset/prefab.

I don't want to set my value too low, but I don't want to take my time away from my personal project either. it's was more like online plumber. someone would say, "hey, can you model this?" I look at the pic, give a quote, and if they agree, they must put 50% deposit, and after viewing the end result using a web viewer, they must paid the rest before I e-mail them the said model.

so it was for indie with small amount of money, to model simple stuff that they just could not find packaged.

what do you think? Is there a market for low quality low priced specialized 3d models?

I have a diploma in 3d animation, and graduates 10 years ago. never had the experience since I work at workshop and later finance company. but now I return back to 3d and refreshing back my memory. currently i'm a student (going for degree) so I own student edition of maya/max (cannot save), Houdini apprentice, Modo $25 1 month trial, and the free blender. With blender is the one that I can use commercially now.

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Original post by FableFox
what do you think? Is there a market for low quality low priced specialized 3d models?
This is just my opinion -- but I don't think there is such a market. Why not? Because:
  • For those willing to compromise on unique content and use stock models instead, high quality content can often be had pretty cheaply.

  • For those who aren't willing to use stock models, mid-high quality content is still available at fairly reasonable prices for those willing to look around a bit or find someone willing to do it for them.

  • Those who aren't willing to spend any money can have low quality content produced for free pretty easily.

It would therefore be pretty hard to convince people to spend money on low quality content when they could pay only marginally more for good content.

With the correct marketting however, you may well find the idea succesful.

Personally, I would suggest you might have better luck producing and selling stock content -- particularly if you're willing to spend a little more time/effort and produce something better than "low quality".

Hope that helps! [smile]

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I was thinking almost too.

The reason I was asking this question is that all usual object under the sun has been modeled countless of times - to a point even Digimation reduce their collection price (and I do own one).

And yet newbies are still asking for help in the help section, usually for 3d things that is unusual.

For your point number 2 & 3 depend on your perception on quality and cost. I'm a 3rd world-er. The main selling point is the word 'specialized'. This when they need something that is not available in most stock model.

For example they might have an idea for a Mars racing game, so they send me hand drawn of what the car shoud look like, and I'll give a quote, based on usual freelance cost (in 3rd world country - that is).

Anyway, it's still one of the idea that I have inside my head.

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