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HitBox Question in XNA

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hi all,

I have a quick question regarding hitboxes.

currently I have a player ship and I create my collision detection on it by this simple method:

Vector2 playerposition;
playerposition = new Vector2(playerx, playery);

Rectangle playerRectangle =
new Rectangle((int)playerposition.X, (int)playerposition.Y,
player.Width, player.Height);

Since in my game the enemy fire lots of bullets, I wanted to make the hit box twice as small. I thought the following might accomplish this:

Rectangle playerRectangle =
new Rectangle((int)playerposition.X, (int)playerposition.Y,
player.Width / 2, player.Height / 2);

Which does great for the right hand side of the ship, but the left is still "pixel perfect", I understand why, since I am halfing the X, only the right hand side gains. Yes i'm a beginner, and i'm unsure how I half both sides and create a small hitbox in the middle of my ship texture.

any help appriciated, thanks.

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