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Kinect Game Idea: Wrestling Instructor Game

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I was thinking of getting a kinect, and I thought of a fun game to play based loosely on the kinect version of street fighter 4, where you apparently do choreographed moves mapped to the moves and movements of street fighter. Looks like fun and good exercise, but I was thinking for a good fighting game you have to be able to push against your opponent, something kinect can't do without some sort of fancy complex and non existent full body force feedback system. Anyways I do a lot of martial arts and wrestling and jiu jitsu, so I was thinking that with my setup of a big open room with a large bed (that doubles as a wrestling mat, just got a new wool futon that is very comfortable. :)) anyways, I was thinking a neat kinect game would be for 2 players where they wrestle while kinect watches and analyzes their moves while giving scoring, announcers, verbal feedback, and a recording for replay and analysis and suggestions/tips, along with imiatatable 2-person drills and practice techniques, and maybe a single player exercise mode where you practice movements and drills, sort of like a brazilian jiu-jitsu martial arts class or a wrestling class, with some exiciting tournaments and other things based around 2 physical players touching each other in front of kinect with xbox, tv, and audio based enhancements.

This would not necessarily have to be all 'hardcore' like karate or wrestling, it could be something like thumb wrestling as a minigame in some other game, or even something kama-sutra like although that might not be xbox appropriate ;p , or a non competitive two player game that requires physical interaction to win the game, possibly with high speed synchronicity in response to unanticipated on-screen events.

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