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Excel array function help

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I know this is not exactly the place to ask this, but I am having issues registering with the forums and on a bit of a deadline. I figure some people here will be pretty familiar with excel, so any help is greatly appreciated.

Here is the array function I am trying to use broken up into components:

=SUM(IF(AND(A4<=$B$14,A5>$B$14),A4,0)) = 11, as it should
=SUM(IF(AND(A5<=$B$14,A6>$B$14),A5,0)) = 0, as it should

Here is the complete array function, not working in the way I would expect:

{=SUM(IF(AND(A4:A5<=$B$14,A5:A6>$B$14),A4:A5,0))} = 0, but I need for it to return 11

Can anybody see what I am doing wrong?

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