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    • By RoKabium Games
      While looking out for that pesky Terrator, our little alien is doing a bit of relaxed mining down on the new gas planet "Lelantos" this weekend.... 
      #gamedev #indiedev #madewithunity #screenshotsaturday
    • By vividgamer
      I have a native iOS game (objective c, XCode build) which I am considering to port to other platforms.
      Core gameplay is based on solely on geographical maps, and custom drawing over maps. It also has Core Data. This part is complete in development.
      What is not done yet is: monetization, gamification (leaderboards, challenges) and multiplayer functionality.
      As I think more about it, I am tempted to think if this is the right time to move to a cross platform tool such as Unity. But before dedicating time to port my 5 years side-project effort in Objective C, I really want to know if its worth it.
      - Does Unity support such plugins / assets that will fulfill all my above requirements?
      - Unity Personal seems to have only 20 concurrent users - is it too costly scaling if I decide for extending to web and android platforms?
      - What is the general workflow involved in publishing to iOS, Android, PC, and web platforms while using Unity? I mean to ask about various points of signing stuff, paying fees and getting certified.
      - How long will it really take to port my entire Objective C project into Unity? I am somewhat familiar with C# but I am finding it hard fidgeting with Unity IDE as lot of things are focused around FPS and 3D while my game is still 2d - not much action involved. I seem bit overwhelmed by the list of features I see there. All in all, I do not want to lose my momentum while still making sure its portable to everywhere.
      - Any assets I could use (for free to try basis in debug) that are relevant for my game?
      - Last but not the least, are there any costs that I need to be paying upfront to Unity, for using it (apart from their monthly subscription model)? I don't understand their costing for multiplayer in conjunction with their subscription fees - if someone could kindly elaborate.
      Thanks in advance for your time reading a newbie
    • By GytisDev
      me and few friends are developing simple city building game with unity for a school project, think something like Banished but much simpler. I was tasked to create the path-finding for the game so I mostly followed this tutorial series up to episode 5. Then we created simple working system for cutting trees. The problem is that the path-finding is working like 90% of the time, then it get stuck randomly then there's clearly a way to the objective (tree). I tried looking for some pattern when it happens but can't find anything. So basically I need any tips for how I should approach this problem.
      Use this image to visualize the problem.
    • By aymen
      please any know how can i' calculate the centroid from any number vertices
    • By Henry Fernandez
      Good day sir/maam. I am developing a game for my thesis and im done with multiplayer and plan to start the implementation of AI but i dont know how/where to start. Please give an advice. I am developing it in C# using UNITY. 
      Im am now collected all pieces that has possible moves but i am stuck on which best move to select. I hope you will help me. This is link explained the game https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_of_the_Generals 

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I (along with a few others) are looking to make an MMORPG game and we are currently hard pressed for some answers from some experienced developers.

I'm no noob, I can program proficiently in C++ and plan on writing the MMO server in C++ from scratch (Okay, well I'll probably be using RakNet to aid in the development, but what I'm saying is that I'm not looking for some ready-to-deploy solution). Currently, our team suffers the most in the area of artists (3D/2D/etc), which seems to be contrary to most.

We'll start out with mysql for our database and maybe move to oracle if needed. But this is more of a learning experience for my friends and myself. We don't really intend on making a profit. If we do actually produce something playable then we will likely put it online free of charge and accept donations. Unless we get large enough to the point where a single dedicated server isn't enough anymore and we can't fund it with our own pocket change.

Currently, we are undecided as to what engine we should use for the client-side. We aren't necessarily looking for an MMO engine, just a nice flexible game engine will suffice. We need something that is flexible enough for us to easily integrate it with our server-side stuff. We don't want to have to have to reinvent the wheel, however we don't mind getting our hands dirty. We've been looking into Unity which seems like it would work well. However, the features of Unity Pro are invaluable and we can't do much without them. Unfortunately, we can't afford to pay for an engine (Unless it's absurdly cheap like below $200). We may just go with Unity Free and try to cope with the free version and see what we can get done, it looks so flexible.

Any ideas? All help is appreciated :)

[Edited by - Dougbrowne on November 14, 2010 1:43:17 AM]

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If you want to make an MMO with a few friends and treat it as a learning experience, I'd recommended you just go the browser based route and make a modest game like Crellan. Sticking with whatever JS/PHP/MySQL can give you should save you costs on third party solutions, and the languages are high level enough to get something going fairly quickly.

If you want to go higher than a relatively small community and bare bones gameplay, then we need more information about what the game needs. But considering you are not seeking profit, keep it low-brow and grow from simple concepts.

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You should first get a good understanding of what the engine should be capable of and then decide whether you want to build it or buy it.

If it is just a learning exercise: determine what it is you want to learn.

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