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exporting your models from 3ds to xna

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hi all!
im new to this forum,but ive beed programing for a long time in c and c#(4 years).
recently i started a graduation project in xna.
my goal is a 3d fighting game.
what i have so far is two animated models(from the skinning sample)that can
move their arms and head using bones, and walk.
i also have the camera class all finished and well made.
during the last week i have spent many many many hours on exploring how to create models, add bones to them, create animations and save them in 3ds max. i succeed in creating models, skinning them, animating them, and using them in my project.
the problem is that when i run them in my project the moddels are all messed up.
does anyone have an idea how i can export my models to xna without messing them up?
i used a guide on how to export models from 3ds to use in xna, and what i do is i export them as fbx, then import them and then export them as .x files.
what do i eeed to do for my models to be skinned correctly?
plz help!!

thanks in advance,
Shlomi :)

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