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sampling an specular intensity data

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im currently trying to reduce the amount of my rgb data. so i capture a scen from a spherical angles. so there are 400 cameras sorrounding each pixel. i saved this data in as a raw file so for example my texture contain 200x200 pixel, it would cost me 200*200*400*3 byte (3 for rgb, 1 byte each component). now this is the result of my data:

link to image

now i want to render it, hence i have to put it on vga memory. the problem is the data might be too big and hard to render. imagine i have lots of polygon, hence the texture data might be overwhelming. im trying to find some kind of interpolation, that can represent my data in a very compact way. any1 has any idea how to do that or any idea where to start over?

thanks in advance

ps: i used flickr why the image tag is not working?

EDIT: i changed the image to the correct one.

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